Building Renovations Updates

We’re updating our facility to better accomplish our mission:

Share Christ + Serve Others


Renovations Update January 18, 2021 – Offices

The offices are taking shape, with better use of space. The new entry, in the new narthex, opens into a more efficient work area for office staff, with much more counter surface! The work/break room has new cabinets and surfaces, as well, but more importantly, has better access from the entire office.

It is only at times like this that we are able to see what really lies behind the outward surfaces we daily encounter. Take this wall, for instance. There is much more to the structure, as you can see, than 2x4 boards and painted DryWall. What “feeds” the facility, via electrical conduit, insulated plumbing, and soundly engineered walls, is what really holds up the church. This is much like the way each member, each function, of the Church holds Her up, and the way God “feeds” His Church through people using His gifts. The work of an electric cable is different than the work of a brick, yet each is essential and must do its task.

Renovations Update January 18, 2021 – The Sanctuary

Brace yourself. It does not look pretty right now in the Sanctuary. But, hey, even Michelangelo used scaffolding, right? Our construction guys even have a boom to reach the high places! With the altar removed and protective sheeting in place, work continues on various projects. The old tile on the altar and steps has been removed.

A look at the back of the Sanctuary shows that most of the pews and the carpet have been removed. Protective coverings on the stained glass windows continue to safeguard the irreplaceable masterpiece. Booms (the platforms that raise) and scaffolding make work on the ceilings and new lighting possible.

We have a view of the choir loft from the Sanctuary, which reveals that precautions are being taken to protect the organ and pipes. The new choir loft elevator opening is on the left.

The trancepts are being fitted with cove lighting. And, yes, the hanging lights will be replaced with energy-efficient, updated fixtures.

Renovations Update January 18, 2021 – Narthex

The narthex continues to improve. No, really though. Look at what an update to the ceilings does, with a smooth finish and bright coat of paint. Under the plastic are almost all the sanctuary pews, and on top of it are several acoustical panels from the sanctuary.

New exterior doors at the main entry are now installed! There will be a second set of doors creating a vestibule where the choir loft elevator is going in. The brand new shaft for the choir loft elevator is ready for its installation.

The coat room area is also transformed. A walk-in coat area has been created, which is a huge change from what it used to be.

Renovations Update January 18, 2021 – Main

Work on the main level is primarily in the Sanctuary right now. But here you can see a peek of the main hallway in the education wing, where the former office entry used to be. The first door is the new family restroom. The second door is the back door to the office work room.

From that same spot, there is a look down the hall to the narthex. Nothing exciting has changed here. Except for the new elevator shaft! HVAC upgrades have impacted many aspects of the project, as you can see.   And where there were once “old bones” of the Elevette, there is now a new shaft to accommodate mechanics of the new elevator, which is coming soon.


Renovations Update January 18, 2021 – Acker

What a transformation. Acker Hall is substantially complete, and we passed inspections to allow services in Acker, beginning Christmas Eve. Capacity is limited, especially with social distancing measures in place. Our new, temporary altar and accoutrements look familiar.

Temporary panels cover the windows (thanks to Michelle Steen) that are reinforced because of the playground just outside, and can be coordinated with seasonal paraments if necessary. Some details of the space are still unfinished, and will be completed after we return to the sanctuary. There is a plywood wall, for instance, at the entry to the elevators and tunnel hallway. This allows workers to move and work throughout the facility without entering Acker. Acker restrooms are large and workmanship is detailed. Finishes blend for a monochromatic, calming feel.

Renovations Update December 14, 2020 - Choir Loft Elevator

The new elevator shaft to the choir loft exterior is nearing completion. Here is a look at the progress to date. (Click on the first photo; you can then scroll through the photos in order.)

Work continues in Acker Hall, the offices, and the sanctuary.