Building Renovations Updates

We’re updating our facility to better accomplish our mission:

Share Christ + Serve Others


Renovations Update April 8, 2021 -- Reopening Scheduled

Our Grand Reopening and Rededication Sunday is scheduled for April 25, 2021, at 9:00 am. The Rev. President Richard Snow of the LCMS Nebraska District will be our guest preacher. We will have special music planned by Zach Hastings, Director of Music. There will be an Open House walk-through of the church offices before and after services. President Snow will also speak to the congregation at 10:45 am in Acker Hall regarding the renovations and capital improvements at the University Chapel in Lincoln and at the District offices, part of the combined project.

We gladly invite you to join us for this historic event! Please come worship with us, pray with us, and hear God’s Word for Sunday services. Participate in our Sunday School sessions, Bible studies, Vacation Bible School, and other events. We are here for all who seek to Come Unto Him.

Look for a “Before and After” post on our web site in the coming months. Until then, this is likely our last blog post for the renovations themselves. Hopefully, you have enjoyed these peeks into the life of our church renovation.

Renovations Update April 6, 2021 – The End Is Near

The pieces have been put back together, and just some punch list items remain throughout the project. The beautiful stained glass panels have all been reinstalled after being restored and preserved during construction. The lighting, flooring and paint have been addressed.

Access to the lower level in Acker Hall has been finished. The elevator empties to flush with the main room level (no more ramp). The steps to the hallway to the sanctuary wing have been finished.

Our church staff has begun moving items to the office workroom, and Confirmation youth helped move Pastor's office furniture into its new digs. In the next few weeks, Pastor, Kim, and the rest of the equipment and supplies, will fully move to the new space. The upper level will eventually return to multi-use availability.

Finishing touches, final connections, and many little details are in the works. The End Is Near!

Renovations Update April 6, 2021 - The Entry

The new entry doors and the new narthex are near complete! Here is a view entering the vestibule at the main entrance, as well as the view to the north upon entry.

Views of the new narthex, standing at the north doors, from the Sanctuary side to the hallway toward the education wing. This area will soon be furnished with temporary pieces until the permanent furniture arrives.

Exciting Things Are Still Happening!

Renovations Update March 13, 2021 - Sanctuary, Choir Loft

The choir loft is still under renovation. A safety rail was installed between the elevator and the organ. The choir library is also still rearranged for the construction process. Much more than we realize goes on behind the scenes during renovations.

The floor near the coat room where the doors created an uneven surface, is being leveled. There is extra room at the Communion rail with the new arrangement of pews.


Renovations Update March 13, 2021 - Main Level

The main/south entry area is also near completion. Workers installed glass panels on the inside vestibule doorway. The choir loft elevator inside the vestibule receives adjustments.

The office entry is near completion! The window has been installed, and the entry door is nearly complete. Here are views from the narthex, and from inside the office. The server room is finished out and ready for its occupant; wiring and moving the equipment will be no small task.

Renovations Update March 6, 2021 - Lighting

One of the main items addressed in these renovations is lighting throughout the facility, especially in the Sanctuary. New overhead lighting in the sanctuary includes LED bulbs for both increased lumens and less maintenance. Additionally, flood lighting for the altar from the trancepts will enhance the worship experience.

Edited 4/8/21: New information has been conveyed. The pendant lights in the Sanctuary (above) are temporary. Due to issues with delivery of the preferred lights, these were installed to move the renovation process along. Additionally, three light poles have been installed in the courtyard, changing the look and feel of the entry.

Lighting upgrades also include a light pole in the Moorhead Courtyard. Installation continues on that project.