Renovations Update January 18, 2021 – Acker

What a transformation. Acker Hall is substantially complete, and we passed inspections to allow services in Acker, beginning Christmas Eve. Capacity is limited, especially with social distancing measures in place. Our new, temporary altar and accoutrements look familiar.

Temporary panels cover the windows (thanks to Michelle Steen) that are reinforced because of the playground just outside, and can be coordinated with seasonal paraments if necessary. Some details of the space are still unfinished, and will be completed after we return to the sanctuary. There is a plywood wall, for instance, at the entry to the elevators and tunnel hallway. This allows workers to move and work throughout the facility without entering Acker. Acker restrooms are large and workmanship is detailed. Finishes blend for a monochromatic, calming feel.

Renovations Update December 14, 2020 - Choir Loft Elevator

The new elevator shaft to the choir loft exterior is nearing completion. Here is a look at the progress to date. (Click on the first photo; you can then scroll through the photos in order.)

Work continues in Acker Hall, the offices, and the sanctuary.

Renovations Update November 30, 2020 -- General

Work continues throughout the facility. Here’s an overview of some of the projects still in progress.

The coat room has been gutted and the window wall has been repaired. Notice how, over time, “white” walls age. This renovation will provide welcome freshness.

A new air handler for our HVAC system has been installed. Here it is for your admiration, guys.

Acker Hall continues to be refreshed. Walls are painted, ceilings are in. Under all the “makeup,” structural, electrical and plumbing work (not included in this angle shot) have been ongoing.

We are not able to worship in our sanctuary at this time, but look forward to joyful songs and prayers of praise and thanksgiving when this work is fully complete. Please continue to worship with us online on Sunday mornings and Advent Wednesday evenings. For current information, visit

Renovations Update November 11, 2020 - The HVAC

The heating/ventilation/air conditioning system at Pacific Hills is being replaced. Last week, they took out the old chiller and AC unit. The condition of the chiller was well beyond its life expectancy, as you can see in these photos! This is the system in process of being removed.

For the few weeks of extreme fluctuations in temperature, with the AC inoperable, we have enjoyed morning airflow from the windows in the sanctuary when necessary.

Renovations Update November 11, 2020 - The Elevator

Exciting Things are happening with the elevator! The new shaft is going up, and the equipment room is being built, also. The elevator will provide access to all three floors of the education wing, from Acker Hall to the main level, to upstairs meeting rooms.

Here is a progressive look at the progress, from removal of the Elevette, to this week.

After the shaft is complete, we very much look forward to installation of the equipment and the elevator itself.

Renovations Update October 20, 2020 - Elevator

You have to admit, a new elevator really is an Exciting Thing. Especially when there are three floors of space that will be fully accessible for worship, meetings, activities, potlucks, and all the things.

But getting that elevator installed is a lot of work. The old machinery was removed. Then they dug. And dug some more. Finally, they have installed part of the shaft. Cement was poured, walls were waterproofed, and dirt is waiting to be backfilled.

The elevator is a huge structure, very heavy, with moving parts. It is a key component of the renovations. So it’s important to get it right. Crews work diligently and methodically to make that happen. But it’s not happening overnight.

Progress is ongoing. Keep these guys in your prayers.

Renovations Update October 20, 2020 - Offices

Walls are framed in for the offices. A total reconfiguration of the space is happening. Wiring, cabling and security are key office projects. Part of this project includes relocating the electronics that serve the staff.

The administrative assistant’s desk will move to a new space adjacent to the narthex. Framing for that entrance has been installed. The window will accommodate security and guest needs.

Soon, a new door will be installed between the Preschool Director’s office and the church offices.