Renovations Update October 20, 2020 - Outside 2

Exciting Things continue happening at Pacific Hills! Take the choir loft elevator, for instance. Many long-time members will rejoice that this is finally almost complete. Recent photos show the project on three consecutive days. It’s progressing nicely.

The new vestibule entry is designed with this elevator. Both structures will sport the same roofline as the original building. Matching brick will be applied for a cohesive look.

But these are just part of what is happening in the Moorhead Courtyard.

Things will be beautiful again. Pavers will be reinstalled, and plants will bloom to welcome guests. It’s a process. All the mud and mess will be worth it.

Renovations Update October 20, 2020 - The Narthex

It’s hard to remember what the narthex used to be. Oh, wait! We have visuals for you.

But a transformation is taking place and they’ve done so much already. Crews have made the space healthier, removed walls and flooring, and framed in the new office entry. Can you even imagine?!  Our old mailbox cubbies have moved on to a new home with our resident artist Michelle.

Behind the cubbies was the library, a large room used mostly for the historical book collection and small meetings. Well, that space has been reappropriated to create a larger narthex and part of the new front office. The entire offices are getting an overhaul, as well. But for now, here’s a view of the narthex in its current state.

Such Exciting Things are Happening! Stay tuned.

Renovations Update October 20, 2020 - Acker Hall

We don’t often have access to Acker Hall, but we’ve snuck in to take a peek at what a huge difference is being made. Wowsa!!

There are new steps to the tunnel hallway. This area is adjacent to what used to be the ramp from the Elevette to Acker Hall. The ramp was levelled, and steps allow access to additional restrooms and the back stairs to the narthex.

Yes, the room got painted. A new ceiling grid and a bright coat of paint make a big impact on the look and feel of Acker Hall!

For comparison:

We can’t wait to see the entire reveal. Keep praying for the progress.

Renovations Update October 3, 2020 - The Outside, Part 1

We’re starting to see the top dressing of the renovations. While work continues inside, these photos show welcome views of progress on the outside.

A new sidewalk along the west side of the courtyard has been poured.

The new main entryway is taking shape. The vestibule will be inside this perimeter. Brick to match the current façade is being used for continuity in the overall look and feel of the facility.

Work continues in Acker Hall, on the elevators, and in the offices. Stay tuned!

Renovations Update September 18, 2020

We can see it now! The transformation of the former stage in Acker Hall is more apparent with the plumbing rough-in and wall framing complete. What you see in these pictures is under the former stage. These will be fully accessible restrooms for Acker, which is the lower level of the education wing.

For a little perspective, here's another before-and-current comparison. Wow!

There is still a long way to go, but the digging and unseen structure for this part are ready to be beautified. If restrooms can be beautiful.

Renovations Update September 12, 2020 - A Rainy Week

This is the week wherein we encountered wet. Much-needed rains finally arrived in Omaha! That held off work on the elevators, and created giant mud pies at the church. Pumps kept empty the caverns that have been dug for new shafts.

“They’re making good progress,” says Jim Mueller of the Implementation Committee. Despite the weather, work continues on the existing inside projects.

With the change of seasons imminent, we will soon be switching from air conditioning to heating, and the contractors will be able to begin replacing the current chiller system!

Meanwhile, we enjoy access to the sanctuary through the east door, and temporary offices on the second floor of the education wing.

Renovations Update September 3, 2020

The construction guys are all over the facility, with multiple projects happening. This is helping to keep the project moving. They continued on the choir loft elevator this week, and we captured some images of work in progress. This large frame will go at the bottom of the shaft. You can see the hole for the shaft in the upper right corner. The orange string, and lots of measuring and checking, help assure it's square and level. They are protecting the walkway with plywood planks.

All the details matter, and the crew with Construct, Inc. is often caught triple-checking measurements. Here they are measuring and marking where the new vestibule will be, to ensure the frame above will go in correctly.

Our working, meeting and gathering space is condensed for now. The sanctuary remains open for services on Sunday mornings (8:00 am and 10:30 pm). Offices are temporarily in the upper level of the education wing. For this season of renovation and renewal, we are grateful we are able to come together to worship and to continue our work for the Lord.