Renovations Update August 18, 2020 - Offices

With church offices moved to their temporary homes in the Sunday school area upstairs, renovations began this week for the new office layout. These before and after pictures show progress. Ceilings were removed. In the second picture, the yellow ladder is where Joann’s desk was; the wall to Pastor’s office has been removed; the red ladder is where Pastor’s credenza was; the other side of the tan wall is Kay’s office for the preschool!

An egress doorway to the courtyard from what will become a hallway, has been cut in the wall.

Work continues in Acker Hall, as well. Stay tuned for updates on that. And to add to the construction excitement at Pacific Hills, the City is now resurfacing 91st Avenue, the residential street just west of our parking lot. Just think what the area will look like in about six months!

Renovations Update August 18, 2020 - Elevators

Removing the Elevette and installing the elevator is a big part of the renovation project.  In various stages of removal, here is where the Elevette shaft was. The equipment room for the Elevette in the lower level was also removed. You can see the doors to the Elevette and the equipment room in these photos of the north (Pacific Street) side of the facility.

Big equipment is needed for big holes. Lots of machine and hand digging has been done to prepare for the new elevator to the education wing.

The new elevator to the choir loft requires more digging. With the priceless stained glass windows safely removed to storage, work continues to prepare for that equipment, as well. This work is next to the current main entry, on the south side of the facility, at the courtyard.

Renovations Update August 15, 2020

The church offices were moved upstairs for the duration of the office renovations. Thanks for Joann and Jackie for preparing for and enduring the relocation. Thanks to volunteers that packed, culled, moved small items, and set up. The old workroom was emptied and relocated upstairs. Staff, directors, and volunteers are making the best of the situation for the short term.


Staff workspace and files are temporarily in room 212. Pastor’s office is in room 209 (shown before move-in). Room 115 on the main level, which housed the congregation and board mailboxes for the last few weeks, is inaccessible. Those items are in the temporary office, which remains locked during non-business hours.


College Hunks moving company made short work of hauling the heavy and bulky items upstairs, including taking apart, moving and rebuilding furniture.


There was time for a little levity during the move -- a celebratory dance by Dan. Office renovations are underway starting Monday, August 17.

Renovations Update August 6, 2020

It’s amazing what a jackhammer and some hard work can do. The ramp from the Elevette to Acker Hall has been demolished and the debris removed. When the new elevator is installed, the bit of hallway seen here will also be lowered to Acker floor level. Five-gallon buckets were used, because the debris is so heavy and must be carted out in many small loads.

The wall where beautiful cabinets once kept things organized has been removed, and the stage floor demolished. (Concrete over dirt; many of you were wondering.) All those shovels in a row testify to hours of hard, manual labor, and “stage hands” carefully removing dirt and concrete.

You never know what you might find during demo! These crossed utility conduits were under the stage, and will be addressed to accommodate the remodel. A temporary brace has been attached to prevent damage. There is also a vertical sewage line (larger green one) in the photo above.

Work progresses, thanks to a strong crew that we do not see on Sunday mornings. Please keep them in your prayers as they do the difficult, dirty and time-consuming things.

Renovations Update August 2, 2020

The narthex has been deconstructed! The library walls have come down, and carpet has been removed from the sanctuary to the restrooms in the educational wing. Additionally, the ceiling asbestos has been remediated in this area. The narthex and hallway are taped off for the time being.

Three sectional stories of the stained glass windows by renowned artist Gabriel Loire have been removed and temporarily stored. This will protect them from any possible damage during construction of the choir loft elevator and vestibule entry. They will be reinstalled during renovation of the sanctuary.

Work continues in Acker Hall. A construction trailer has been established in the southeast parking lot.

Renovations Update July 24, 2020

Progress is being made on demolition and preparation for construction in Acker Hall and the lower level.

There was once a wall built to block the stairs to the “hallway” behind the stage. That area had become a storage area. Now the wall has been removed.


Temporary framing and construction doors have been installed to secure the work areas throughout the lower level and at stairwells. Access to the upper level is still available through the main level.

The back hallway from the Elevette to the sanctuary wing (and lower level restrooms) has been cleared of these items. A construction door has also been installed between this point and the restrooms.


The coatroom near the sanctuary has been cleared of most items.


Additionally, many old pews and excess items were donated to Orphan Grain Train last week. The library is completely emptied, except for the lamp and clock. Congregant mailboxes have been moved to Room 115 between the office and the main floor restrooms.

Scheduled soon is full demolition of the stage! This will include destruction of the concrete slab underneath it, and the ramp to Acker Hall. This will be loud and difficult work.

Beginning July 27, there will be no entrance from the west parking area to the building, except by walking around to the east door.

Renovations Update June 30, 2020

Asbestos abatement in Acker Hall is complete. Old lighting and fans were removed when ceiling tiles were removed. The carpet, floor tiles and adhesive were removed in Acker, the hallway to the back stairwell, the stage and storage room.

The stage and storage room have been emptied and are ready for demolition. New accessible restrooms will be built in their place, making for seamless use for all members and guests.

Acker Hall serves as the “fellowship hall” for Pacific Hills. Flooring and ceiling upgrades are planned. The ramp from the existing Elevette will be demolished, as the new replacement elevator will open at floor level.