The offices are taking shape, with better use of space. The new entry, in the new narthex, opens into a more efficient work area for office staff, with much more counter surface! The work/break room has new cabinets and surfaces, as well, but more importantly, has better access from the entire office.

It is only at times like this that we are able to see what really lies behind the outward surfaces we daily encounter. Take this wall, for instance. There is much more to the structure, as you can see, than 2x4 boards and painted DryWall. What “feeds” the facility, via electrical conduit, insulated plumbing, and soundly engineered walls, is what really holds up the church. This is much like the way each member, each function, of the Church holds Her up, and the way God “feeds” His Church through people using His gifts. The work of an electric cable is different than the work of a brick, yet each is essential and must do its task.