Progress is being made on demolition and preparation for construction in Acker Hall and the lower level.

There was once a wall built to block the stairs to the “hallway” behind the stage. That area had become a storage area. Now the wall has been removed.


Temporary framing and construction doors have been installed to secure the work areas throughout the lower level and at stairwells. Access to the upper level is still available through the main level.

The back hallway from the Elevette to the sanctuary wing (and lower level restrooms) has been cleared of these items. A construction door has also been installed between this point and the restrooms.


The coatroom near the sanctuary has been cleared of most items.


Additionally, many old pews and excess items were donated to Orphan Grain Train last week. The library is completely emptied, except for the lamp and clock. Congregant mailboxes have been moved to Room 115 between the office and the main floor restrooms.

Scheduled soon is full demolition of the stage! This will include destruction of the concrete slab underneath it, and the ramp to Acker Hall. This will be loud and difficult work.

Beginning July 27, there will be no entrance from the west parking area to the building, except by walking around to the east door.