To provide our members and visitors opportunities to participate in all that Pacific Hills has to offer, access to all floors in the education wing is being addressed. The existing lift will be replaced by a full-size elevator to all levels.

Same-level access will flow directly into Acker Hall, eliminating the ramp. Upper floor opportunities will broaden for those who need an elevator. An additional elevator will be installed near the main entrance, to provide access to the choir loft and main level near the Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary

A light makeover will also include lighting, sound and flooring, as well as more wheelchair accessible seating. 

Comfort upgrades will provide for the needs of families and visitors without impeding our traditional worship.

The stained glass windows by renowned artist Gabriel Loire, the stained glass Reredos, and cross configuration will remain.

 The Narthex

The main gathering area will be enlarged, providing a wide, welcoming area to greet and mingle. More natural light and improved traffic flow through the main level will result.

Acker Hall

Our main fellowship area will see the addition of accessible restrooms in place of the existing stage. But it will also receive cosmetic upgrades, enhancing fellowship, Bible study and presentation experiences.

The Offices

The entry to the offices will switch to the narthex, off the main entrance, allowing better visitor access. Reconfiguration of rooms, relocation of technology, and new work space will enhance efficiency.

The Library

Historical books from the former library will be moved to Room 115. This multi-function space will continue to provide meeting and gathering space. An accessible family restroom across from Room 115 will accommodate needs on the main level.

Additionally, mechanical and practical issues will be taken care of during the renovation. This includes the heating/air conditioning system, security, and other unseen items. Congregant mailboxes will be relocated, and a dedicated server room will be created.