Worship Sanctuary at Pacific Hills Lutheran Church, Omaha NEWelcome

We would like to extend a cordial welcome in our Lord’s name to all who worship with in at Pacific Hills. We greet our guests with the love and peace of Jesus and pray that our sharing of God's Word will enrich your faith and life in Christ.


Parish Information

Anyone who would like more information about Pacific Hills may speak to an usher, visit with a greeter in the welcome area or call the church office. You may also read about our ministries by going to our church’s website. While there you can also read our weekly newsletter, "The Pacific Hills Messenger" To subscribe to our newsletter send your e-mail to: LindaMinor@PacificHillsLuthe:ran.org



Note: The nursery is temporarily closed in 2020 for the safety of all our families and yours.

Children are always welcome in worship!  If a parent or guardian needs to step out with a child, a nursery is available in Room 112. Our Pacific Hills nursery is staffed by Jessica Stuttle, a child care professional of more than 20 years. Miss Jessica manages the nursery from 9:00 am through noon on Sundays. You are welcome to bring your littles any time before or during Sunday School or service. The nursery has a secured entry, and a sign in/sign out procedure to provide for your child’s safety.

An audio system plays the service in real time, so little ones are exposed to the music and liturgy. When your child does join you in service, it will be more familiar to him or her. A variety of books and toys help with large and small motor skills. A restroom and changing station are attached to the nursery.

We look forward to seeing you. Stop by and meet Miss Jessica on Sunday morning!


Hearing Assist Units

Hearing assist units are available. Please ask an usher for assistance.



We thank you for silencing your mobile device or turning it off during worship.


Worship Cards

We kindly ask our guests and members to please complete a Worship Card located in the hymnal rack. The cards will be received by the ushers during the worship service. You may request at prayer or lift up a name by writing in on the back of the card.  First names will be read during the parish prayers.


Welcome to the Table of Our Lord

Communion Table

We invite those who share with us in the fellowship of faith to come to the Lord’s altar and receive, in the Holy Communion, the very body and blood of Jesus. Our Lord Jesus has given us His Holy Supper so  we might receive into our very lives His body and blood, under the elements of bread and wine, for the  remission of our sins and thereby know in a physical, tangible way that we are forgiven and have eternal life through faith in Him.

Each who comes to the Table of our Lord should

  • Be a Baptized Child of God;
  • Have received scriptural instruction in Christ's means of meeting us in this Sacrament;
  • Examine themselves by confessing their sins to God;
  • 1 Corinthians 11:26-29
  • Lutheran Service Book, p. 329
  • Believe in Jesus as Savior and Lord from sin and death and who delivers us from the power of the devil;
  • Desire the Holy Spirit's power to turn away from sin and live a Christ-like life;
  • Recognize the Real Presence of Christ's body and blood (under the elements of bread and wine) for the forgiveness of sins.

If you are uncertain or have questions concerning your participation, please ask to speak with an elder, our pastor or an usher.  If you are communing, please complete the communion portion of the Worship Card.  Gluten-free wafers are available upon request.  Alcohol-removed wine is in the center of the tray and the common chalice is available following individual cup distribution.  Children and adults desiring to receive a blessing should cross their arms while at the communion rail.