October at Pacific Hills Lutheran Church

It is October in Lamb of God Preschool,  which means all things pumpkin!  
We decorated pumpkins this week, and we will be celebrating our harvest parties at the end of the month.   
One way we keep the focus on Christ is by picturing a jack-o-lantern with hearts for eyes, a cross nose, and a fish mouth.  The heart eyes remind us of God’s love for us.  The cross nose reminds us that when we sin God forgives us because of Jesus’ death on the cross.  The fish-shaped mouth reminds us that we are Christians who follow Jesus.  When the pumpkin is cleaned out inside and the light is put in it, we are reminded that God cleans us up and his light is in our hearts.   
May all we do and say reflect the light of Christ in us. 
Kay Storck
Lamb of God Preschool