Our own Jim Mueller was Commissioned as Lay Minister on Sunday, May 22, 2022 at Pacific Hills Lutheran Church. Congratulations and thanks, Jim!

Jim is and elder, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and friend in Christ. He has served Pacific Hills in various positions over the years, and as Lay Minister will be assisting Pastor Drebes with various duties, including sermons. We thank God for him, and ask Him to bestow great blessings upon his future! 

We thank God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for the inspiration, teaching, love, support, and blessings to all Lay Ministers and Pastors of the Lutheran Church.

For Jim's commissioning along with Pastor Bryan Drebes we have distinguished pastors Rev. Rich Snow (Nebraska District President LCMS), Rev. Russ Sommerfeld (Former District President & Former President of Concordia University) and Rev. Bill Moorhead (Circuit Visitor and former Pastor of Pacific Hills Lutheran Church).

We thank all Pastors, friends, and relatives who inspired, taught, and supported Jim Mueller.  May the Good Shepherd continue to watch over all His sheep and inspire others to assist in leading the flock.

See the video above for Jim Mueller's Lay Minister Commissioning


A Little Lay Minister History

The LCMS Convention in June 1959 authorized a training course for men and women who would serve either full-time or part-time in such work of the church as laymen can perform. The program began with 16 men and 6 women comprising its first student body on the campus of Concordia College, Milwaukee.  Certified lay ministers have always had a unity in purpose - humble, faithful service to the Lord Jesus Christ in His Church - but that service has been expressed in many diverse forms.

Since then, hundreds of dedicated people have done the work to become an LCMS Lay Minister.