The official newspaper of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
  1. Church Worker Wellness: Week 55 Devotion – Emotional Wellness

    Christmas, Easter, and the Cross is for you. Christ is with you this week and every week.
  2. Comfort food

    Video equipment and technology are getting lots of use these days in church sanctuaries, staff homes and other places. However, there is one place, usually a hub of hospitality, not seeing any action these during this time: the church kitchen.
  3. Who should I talk to?

    We should be asking for help. We all have problems. In this sinful world not a one of us will escape the need for help. We confess it every Sunday in our churches.
  4. A second open letter to the church

    Important benefits and prayerful considerations for people in a position to give charitable gifts this year
  5. Finding our stewardship voice

    The church has not been called to sit silently during these days of challenge. The church proclaims what it has always proclaimed: the Word of God.