The official newspaper of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
  1. Church Worker Wellness: Week 9 Devotion – Relational Wellness

    Where is God in our lives when He is hard to see? What is God up to today in your life?
  2. Church Worker Wellness: Week 8 Devotion – Vocational Wellness

    How do we respond to criticism in our various roles and vocations within the church? What encouragement does God have for us as we serve?
  3. Church Worker Wellness: Week 7 Devotion – Spiritual Wellness

    Some days we will feel unqualified, but God seems to have a knack for using those with weakness.
  4. Tiny goals

    Sometimes the big things of life get the better of us. Sometimes we know we need to make a change, but the magnitude of change crashes in on us.
  5. Church Worker Wellness: Week 6 Devotion – Spiritual Wellness

    When our prayers turn to groanings, where do we go to find the hope of Jesus?