The official newspaper of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
  1. Church Worker Wellness: Week 35 Devotion – Emotional Wellness

    What are you afraid of? How does God meet us in our fears?
  2. ‘Service of Sending’ homily for national missionary Rev. Martin Schultheis

    Rev. Dr. Steve Schave preaches a sermon based on Micah 6:6-8 during a Sending Service for national missionary Rev. Martin Schultheis on Nov. 19, 2019.
  3. Church Worker Wellness: Week 34 Devotion – Vocational Wellness

    There are so many days when it seems like my words, as a teacher, fall on deaf ears.
  4. Wellness: A Lutheran perspective

    Wellness and well-being are not distinctly Lutheran ideas, but Lutheranism does have some unique doctrinal concepts that are useful for the pursuit of our wellness.
  5. State of church planting in America

    Looking ahead to the year 2050 in the U.S., what does the future of the church, and of church planting, look like?