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  1. Church Worker Wellness: Week 16 Devotion – Physical Wellness

    Tension enters into life and ministry. What hope does the incarnation of Jesus give when we feel tension rising?
  2. Advice for those first few years as a church worker

    You’ve got a call. It’s a big deal. Now it's time to enter the wonderful and hard world of ministry life.
  3. Church Worker Wellness: Week 15 Devotion – Intellectual Wellness

    This week's devotion offers the power of two words and a little rejoicing to turn off ruminating thoughts. What can you identify in your life today to rejoice about in the Lord?
  4. Helping families facing homelessness shows Christ’s love for our neighbors

    Because these families with women and children are often coming out of a domestic violence situation, we most likely will never meet them for the sake of their safety and anonymity. This is how it should be. It is about them, not us.
  5. Church Worker Wellness: Week 14 Devotion – Spiritual Wellness

    Sometimes the drudges of family life are the very things God uses to remind us He is caring for our hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits.