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  1. Missions Presentation at the ACELC Conference – Some trouble at LCMS Missions? It’s Time to ask some questions.

    Rev. Jeffrey Kuddes presented at the latest ACELC Conference on missions.  He gives a presentation on his experience in getting called as a missionary, fundraising, training, and deploying as a missionary.  If you donate to LCMS missions or are considering … Continue reading
  2. Lutherans in Africa celebrates graduations and ordinations.

    The Lutheran School of Theology has put out some graduates who have just been ordained for the Word and Sacrament ministry their training was geared around.  When dollars are given to LIA, this is the end result – preaching of … Continue reading
  3. A Reading From The Book Of Concord – Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity

    We are, each of us, like the priest and the Levite who pass by the man dying on the road. It is not until we have our own wounds of guilt for our sin bound up by the forgiveness of … Continue reading
  4. The Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity – The Good Samaritan

    The Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity   August 26, 2018   The Good Samaritan   Luke 10:23-37   Click here to listen audio of this sermon.   Then He turned to His disciples and said privately, “Blessed are the eyes which … Continue reading
  5. A Laymen’s Commentary on the Smalcald Articles: The Keys

    Part III, Article VII. Of the Keys. 1] The keys are an office and power given by Christ to the Church for binding and loosing sin, not only the gross and well-known sins, but also the subtle, hidden, which are … Continue reading